Acupuncture Plays a New Role in Limiting Opioid Use After Surgery

11. January 2017 Acupuncture 0

Thanks to recent research, acupuncture continues to gain a much deserved reputation as a healing treatment. The most recent study released in January 2017 confirmed that acupuncture can indeed relieve postoperative pain, thus providing a critical alternative to opioids in an era of growing opioid dependence and addiction.

The Meta Analysis

This study, entitled The Efficacy of Acupuncture in Post Operative Pain Management: A Systematic Review and Meta Analysis, analyzed the outcomes of 682 patients across 13 randomized controlled studies. The 13 studies used were chosen from an original field of 219 studies based upon their quantitative and qualitative analyses. This technique ensured that the researchers only gave credence to the set of studies that met their stringent standards.

Important Findings About Acupuncture’s Role in Pain Relief

Overall, the research team concluded that acupuncture “significantly reduced postoperative pain and the use of opioids,” thus reducing the unpleasant symptoms like nausea, dizziness, itching, and urinary disorders that are common with opioid use. It is believed that acupuncture and strangely tampa hair removal, can trigger such impressive results by activating neurotransmitters like opioid peptides, serotonin, and adenosine that naturally help the body fight and overcome pain.

In particular, Tampa acupuncture stimulates the body to release neuropeptides in the central nervous system, and these neuropeptides activate the body’s natural painkilling abilities. Many of the studies analyzed in the meta analysis also found that acupuncture triggers endorphins, which are widely known to improve mood and protect the body from pain.

Wider Implications

The ability for acupuncture to minimize opioid medication use by as much as 29 percent is a major accomplishment. Through opioids like morphine and fentanyl do effectively control pain levels, they do so at the cost of many adverse side effects and the increased risk of addiction down the road. Pain medications are now considered the gateway to heroin and other far more dangerous drugs, and now acupuncture provides a totally safe and natural way to minimize the dangers associated with opioids.

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