How to Handle Spider Veins

Aging has its good sides and bad sides. More wisdom, financial security, and loyal friends are huge bonuses, but the impacts of time on the body are often discouraging. Spider veins, for instance, impact more than 50 percent of women. These tiny blue veins showing just under the skin are a pain for many women who wish they could just disappear. If you are one of these women, there are actually very effective treatments available to banish spider veins for good.

The Origins of Spider Veins

Veins serve the purpose of sending blood to the heart to be oxygenated and sent back through the arteries for distribution. This occurs 1,500 times per day, so it’s a pretty important job! Veins are naturally one-way valves to prevent any problems, but age can make that a problem. Over time, veins weaken and begin to malfunction, resulting in blood leaking back down the veins toward the feet. Spider veins form when this leaking blood finally becomes noticeable on the skin.

Pregnancy, obesity, trauma, and genetics are the most common causes of spider veins. In the case of genetics, there is not much that can be done to prevent spider veins, but exercise and certain supplements or essential oils can support strong circulation to avoid vein malfunction.


The most popular way to eliminate spider veins is the process of sclerotherapy via a Naples dermatology office. This simple procedure uses a basic injection of a sclerosant directly into the targeted spider veins. The sclerosant safely irritates the lining of the veins and causes them to swell, lump together, scar over, and fade from view permanently. It takes about six weeks for this entire process to occur.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is another easy fix for pesky spider veins. This procedure utilizes a highly focused beam of light to force the vein to develop scar tissue. The scar tissue closes the vein, which loses its source of blood and eventually dies. A few concurrent sessions are required to ensure laser treatment is effective, and it can take up to a year or two for the results to show permanently.

If your spider veins are giving you trouble, it’s good to know options exist to free yourself from them!